Activity · Genel

An Example Activity – ADDIE

Class period: 40 min.
Environment: Class.
Students: Beginner, 1st grade.
Class size: 14
Subject: Colors

-Students will be able to learn colors.
-Students will be able to say the colors of the objects around them.
-Students will be correctly pronunciate the colors.

The teacher will use Storybird, Kahoot and some color balls.

*The teacher brings color balls (in pink, black, White, Brown, purple, orange, green, grey, red) and students randomly select a ball from the box and say its color, then the whole class say it aloud.
*The teacher will create a Kahoot about colors. (Ex. What color do we have when we mix the colors red and blue?)
*The teacher will create a Storbird story about colors and make the colors talk about themselves.

Introduction: The teacher ask a question about colors. (Ex. Do you know anything about “red”?) (5 min.)
The teacher present the Storybird story to teach the colors. (10 min.)
The teacher divide the class into 2 groups and play with color balls. (15 min.)
The teacher present the Kahoot and explain every single question. (10 min.)

The teacher will use Kahoot for the evaluate the students.

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