Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system. This platform offers educators engaging way to test the learning and knowledge of their students. Kahoot uses game-based learning approach to inspire creation and research in students. Its game-based system is very entertaining unlike other traditional quiz procedure. Since Kahoot is a great platform for creating a fun, social and game-like environment in the classroom, teachers worldwide are using it in their classrooms.
You can get stared with Kahoot simply by creating an account; it’s free for everyone, be it a teacher, student or any other user. Users just need to fill the basic information in order to complete the profile. You just need to follow simple steps. With Kahoot, you can:
  • Ask thought provoking questions.
  • Students, take control of their own learning.
  • Easy-to-use, inclusive & highly engaging.

This is a game-based platform where students are encouraged to be leaders by researching, creating and presenting quizzes. They conduct research themselves on a given topic and also encourage their classmates to learn.

Kahoot saves the result of every quiz played over the platform.  When learners start quizzing they need to enter their nickname and their recorded scores are saved in their profile. This unique feature makes Kahoot an engaging platform. Learners of all age can benefit from Kahoot. Today, many students possess smart devices, and by using Kahoot on their own devices, students can actually make group learning fun.