Plickers is a new classroom polling system which can display results in real time. The only materials you’ll need to get started are paper, a printer, and a smartphone or tablet. Download the Plickers app for your mobile deviceand print Plickers cards to use with your students then log into using the information you entered after downloading the app, and create a class. Finally, add questions on your mobile app. Select “Add a New Class” and enter student names in the next box. Plickers will assign each student a number to identify their card. From the screen with the question you created, choose the camera icon. Scan the classroom with your device. As you do so, you should see your students’ names briefly highlighted as Plickers records their response. Plickers will display how many students’ responses you’ve captured and which students you do not have data for. Use this information to rescan different areas of the class until you have all students’ responses. When you’re done recording student responses with Plickers, select the checkmark icon at the bottom to close the camera view.

After asking a question and scanning responses, you will automatically be taken to view the data from that question on your phone or handheld device.
To view from your computer: sign-into your account, choose the class and question you would like to view, and the results will appear. Plickers is an easy to use, FREE, and very helpful resource that can be used at any grade-level.
To add questions, select the class you want to add questions to, and click the + sign at the bottom of your screen. Type in your question and click on the letter that show the correct answer. Tap done. It’s that simple.

Encourage students to hold their cards by the edges so their fingers aren’t accidentally covering the Plickers code. You can also view and display student responses as you are asking questions. Log into your account from a computer and choose the class you are working with. Click on the question you are about to scan, and click the “Teach” button. In the “grid” view, students names will change to blue to indicate their response was recorded. Selecting “Show answers” will reveal individual student responses.